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Axon Active Vietnam is a pioneer & professional Offshore Software Development & Testing company owned by an international organization based in Switzerland

We offer exclusive Offshore Teams starting from 5 team members which is composed specifically for customers' individual requirements. We work with Agile methodology such as Scrum projects, but we also fully adapt to the processes which are applied in our customers' company. We advise and assist customers comprehensively in choosing the right tools, infrastructure and methodologies for their specific needs. We have over 300 software and testing specialists working at 4 office in San Francisco - USA; Luzern - Switzerland and HCM city & Da Nang - Vietnam. --------------------------------- At Axon Active Vietnam, we believe that people are our most important assets. We recognize and reward their contributions and commitment. We encourage leveraging their strengths. Working with us means, that you have an excellent opportunity to maximize your ability and get more successes. If you have the drive to succeed and the urge to learn, this is the place for you. More than just a new career, a job at Axon Active Vietnam is the start of your new life! Follow us on other social networks: • LinkedIn: • Twitter: • YouTube: • Google Plus: • Xing: • Flickr:

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Slogan: Axon Active Vietnam is specialized in providing professional Offshore Software Development and Testing services based on the Offshore Development Center (ODC) and Offshore Testing Center (OTC) approaches.

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